Tuesday Night & Saturday Morning classes are returning back to Bailiffe Bridge Community Centre from 18th May. Tuesday Nights 6pm-7.15pm & 7.30pm-8.45pm, Saturday Mornings 10.15am-11.30am. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place. Pre-booking is essential. Please visit https://bookwhen.com/lemontreeyoga to book your space. Monday night & Thursday night classes will remain online for the foreseeable future.

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Welcome to LemonTree Yoga. I am Elizabeth, yoga teacher and student. I attended my first yoga class at the age of 15 and qualified to teach in 2011.

I set up LemonTree Yoga with one yoga class in Brighouse back in 2011 and for some years I ran classes in the area and 2 classes back in my home town of Bolton. You may have noticed that times have changed recently. Now I run some classes online via the magic of Zoom and a couple of classes have returned back to be real life, in-person, human form classes in Brighouse!

I am sure it will all change again at some point, but for now I can bring you yoga from the comfort of my living room to yours. Whilst technology can be scary and unchartered territory for a lot of people you may just find that you like it, and actually it’s not that scary at all.

elizabeth-38Everybody comes to a yoga class for different reasons. For me I needed some peace from everyday life and found the space I was looking for. And that to me defines yoga – space. Space in your body and space in your mind. The flexibility and strength gained from the physical postures are extra benefits.

If you are reading this then you already have an interest. So, what would you like to gain from a yoga class?

Do you want to improve your flexibility or increase your mobility? Do you want to strengthen your core or improve your posture? Do you suffer from a “bad back?” Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Do you struggle to sleep well? Do you need some time out each week to come to a place where you can truly relax?

You don’t have to be the most flexible person in the room to reap the rewards from yoga. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, helping thousands of people all over the world.

I would describe my particular style of teaching as user friendly and fun as well as selizabeth-41piritual.

I teach mainly Hatha Yoga but I am also qualified in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. In my experience, all of these styles perfectly complement each other.

Each class has a mixture of movement, stretching, breathing and relaxation.

I like to bring in body awareness, encouraging people to listen to their body and breath throughout the class so they are truly connected to themselves in a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. I offer alternatives to postures for anyone who needs to adapt or be gentle. All of my classes (except the Thursday morning class) are mixed ability – welcoming beginners and people who have been practising yoga for decades.


So who can join in? Well, anybody over the age of 16 (under 16’s must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian) Regardless of gender, size, physical condition, age and the ability to toes your toes!

So if you are interested and want to try a yoga class out please feel free to contact me by phone or by clicking on the Contact Us link.

I feel that yoga is a very special gift that I am lucky enough to share and there are some wonderful benefits to be gained if you are willing to take them.

  • Yoga has given me a greater understanding of my body’s capabilities. Improved flexibility, balance and core strength are the main benefits with the bonus of enjoying a good relaxation at the end of class.–Carole G

  • I love Lemon Tree Yoga. Elizabeth’s classes have changed my view of yoga. I am not expected to turn up happy. Just to be present. It doesn’t matter if I am put together or a mess. I can arrive with a jumbled mind and a heavy heart. It doesn’t matter if I can’t touch my toes or meditate for hours. It simply asks that I show up and then the magic happens. Time for me, I have finally learned to relax.–Ester P

  • Elizabeth’s classes are not only an enjoyable form of exercise, but they improve concentration and help with stress relief. The stretching and breathing techniques even helped me during my pregnancy and the labour of my child! The classes provide a relaxing environment to completely cut out day-to-day stresses and focus on yourself. I am usually so relaxed that I fall asleep in class! I have been going to Lemon Tree Yoga for over 3 years now and would highly recommend it for all ages and capabilities.–Samantha M

  • I love yoga because it’s my time, for me, to re-balance my mind and body. I get rid of aches, pains, headaches and feel strong in my whole body. The relaxation at the end of the session gives me a great night’s sleep. Three years with Elizabeth has realigned my body and mind.–Emma C

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