About meelizabeth-50-bw

I attended my first yoga class with my mum when I was 15 years old; that was the start of my yoga journey. My love of yoga grew over the years and led me to a teacher training course in 2011 with Brenda Louw at Chillout Yoga in Scotland. (Now http://www.brendalouw.co.uk)

Immersing myself in yoga and extending my knowledge with the help of Brenda just re-affirmed the facts – yoga works and I love it!

I am a member of the IYN (Independent Yoga Network) and you can find me on their list of accredited teachers https://www.independentyoganetwork.org/teachers

I starting teaching classes around the Brighouse area and over the years I have met some truly inspiring people from these classes and made some great friends.

At the end of December 2015 I gave up my full time job and took the plunge, making yoga my full time occupation.

One student recently commented on what a lovely job I have. I agree and I feel extremely grateful everyday. When I see a person in class close their eyes and move in to a pose, holding their complete attention on themselves, their movement and their breath, tuning out everything and everyone else, I feel proud to be able to be part of that. I know at that moment (as another student has said) that the magic has happened. What could be better?

As yoga is constantly evolving I attend lots workshops and courses. In 2017, I completed a  Yin Yoga course with Norman Blair. In 2019, I completed the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Intensive with Adelene Cheong.

I have also studied Yoga for Digestive Health with Charlotte Watts, Chakra Yoga with Katrina Repka and Yoga for Anxiety with Lisa Kaley-Isley

I am constantly learning andelizabeth-5 there is nothing better than passing on all the knowledge I have collected and watching other people benefit from all yoga has to offer.

When you come to class I will hold a space for you to practise, to breathe and to relax – from the moment you walk into the room until the moment you leave. We can immerse ourselves in all things yoga and everything else can be left at the door.

You may come in weighed down with stress – you may leave with a smile 🙂


If you still aren’t convinced – I asked my classes to let me know how yoga helps them.

Here are a few responses:

  • I suffered from lower back pain before I started doing yoga a few years ago, but after a few months it disappeared. I also find it relaxes my mind and body after a hard day at work.–Angie B

  • This is a friendly, relaxed class, run by a very knowledgeable yoga teacher. Elizabeth makes the sessions interesting and fun – just try doing the face yoga without laughing!–Judith A

  • I really enjoy the classes. It doesn’t matter how stressful or busy my day has been, I come out of yoga feeling much better. It’s like an instant stress buster!–Sally-Ann