You don’t need to be an expert yogi to attend one of my retreats. You don’t even have to practice yoga on a regular basis.

A retreat is a great way to relax, get pampered and practice yoga too!

Remember how you feel after leaving a yoga class? A little lighter? Chilled out? Happier?

Well, how about extending that feeling to a whole day or even a whole weekend?

A retreat, no matter how long, gives you a break from daily responsibilities and offers you the chance to soak up a beautifully relaxing environment.

It’s a chance to digitally detox. Step away from the computer and switch off the mobile phone.

Yoga and mediation sessions are offered daily, but there is no pressure to attend every one. If you would rather stay snuggled in bed then be in the yoga studio at 7.30am, that’s okay. You have the luxury of time and space on a retreat just for you. The purpose is to focus on yourself and your needs.

Free time during a retreat allows you to treat yourself, go for a lovely long walk, or curl up with a good book and a cuppa. You could book yourself one of the holistic therapies on offer or ease out your muscles  in the sauna and hot tub. (See photo below – this is the view from the hot tub at The Tree in 2014….I also make sure I get some chill out time!!)


Food is always included in the price, so you are guaranteed to eat well with fresh, healthy, local ingredients, without having to do all the hard work!

So there are many reason to try out a yoga retreat. Whether you want to delve deeper into your practice, just have time to relax or spend some quality time with a friend or loved one.

The main reason though? Because you deserve it!